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We seek to build strong and trusting relationships with our clients, to practice exemplary business ethics that leads to mutual trust. In desiring to add value to our clients we have proven processes to achieve results.




The MBCI definition of a “Mentor” is: “a trusted leader who establishes and maintains relationships of integrity that motivate, inspire and affirm others”.


These elements are included in the training of our accredited Mentors who work in a “one on one” relationship with an individual who is seeking change in their life or business circumstances.


Our facilitative approach assists the individual to identify the issues impacting them, envision the future and to develop the actions required to get there. We call it the Now, Where, How.


Our Mentoring programs are tailored to suit individual needs but basically follow the Now, Where, How model.


Facilitative Leadership Development:

Our passion is transformation.

We train leaders who have a desire to journey with others who are seeking to change; to help them reach their optimum potential. We seek to develop leaders as “mentor-leaders” as we believe effective leadership comes through facilitative mentoring.


Our training methodology is a combination of an interactive facilitated learning experience through a four-day workshop and a six-month mentoring journey to deepen the effectiveness of the workshop experience.


Team Coaching:


Our approach to coaching focuses on working "one on many." Here we work within an organisation, with teams and/or Boards, to bring about culture change that improves performance and results.


The benefits for transforming your organisation include improved Performance and Productivity; assistance to employees through the transition of Organisational Change; successful empowerment and shared ownership of direction and outcomes. MBCI's trained and accredited mentor/coaches have delivered program across Australia including:

  • Strategic Business Plan
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic Business Review
  • Generic Diagnostic Report
  • Management System Reviews

For more information about how these programs can be tailored to your specific situation and circumstances please contact us through one of our team.

"I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to be part of the FLD Workshop and to experience the openness, honesty and transparency of the facilitators; i.e. modelling what mentor-leaders are."

Jorg Selhorst – Selhorst Consulting Services, Melbourne