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About MBCI your Mentors and Business Coaches in Australia


We are Australian and part of a global family of like-minded professionals trained and accredited to deliver transformational change to your organisation.

MBCI Australia is the Australian arm of Mentors and Business Coaches International which although originating in Australia currently also operates in South Africa, Sweden, Mozambique and Kenya. MBCI Australia targets three market sectors: Business (corporate and SMEs); Government (local, state, and federal); Community (not-for-profits, Indigenous, arts etc) and is a "boutique" or "niche" provider of leadership development, specialised mentoring and team coaching partnering.

MBCI Australia aims to prosper clients and see their businesses transformed through the transformation of their people. Thus we provide transformational change through leadership development, mentoring, team coaching and facilitation to business, government and community organisations.

MBCI Australia has a team of trained professionals who come with extensive experience after years of leadership in their respective fields to work with you in the transformation and prosperity of your company, organisation or program.

Ian Ahrens
Ian AhrensB. Bus (Acc)

Ian has operated his own public accounting practice since 1986. In the late 1990s he met Michael Schultz and George Barrett who undertook a continuous improvement program for his business. Working with Michael and George encouraged Ian to expand his view of the small-to-medium sized accounting practice industry.

Ian organises his business to have less involvement in day-to-day operation of the practice. Employing 20 individuals, he works collaboratively with them to enhance the experience of all stakeholders.

Ian's passion is to share his experiences with like-minded colleagues, focusing on businesses who require the support of leaders and mentors.

George Barrett

George BarrettMBA, AFAIM (ret), Cert IV Assess & Workplace Training

George is Managing Director and a founder of MBCI. His 25 year career in the information technology industry with Control Data Corporation and Fujitsu, in Australia and overseas, provided leadership experience as an executive within services, marketing and business development.

He specialises in executive coaching, strategic planning, marketing and change management towards continuous improvement.

George's delight is to see owners, directors and managers growing in confidence and respect as leaders, and the organisations they lead being transformed by the completeness of their people.

Stephen Baxter

Stephen BaxterM Ed; Dip Bus (Mentoring and Coaching), Dip Training and Assessment, Dip Art (Graphic Design),
Cert IV Assess & Workplace Training

Stephen has a background in communication and human relationships, specialising in personal and organisational development. He assists individuals and companies develop big-picture thinking by facilitating clarity in purpose and action, and is in demand as a trainer and facilitator.

Stephen was managing director of a publishing company and a not-for-profit community housing venture, and for four years was the CEO of a Tasmanian Registered Training Organisation. He has extensive experience in counselling, and pastoral ministry.

Stephen's passion is to help individuals and organisations think outside the box, assisting them to find the story that is theirs to write.

Dianne Bennett

Dip Business Management

Dianne Bennett

Dianne's background is in Management and Leadership of Not for Profit and Community organisations.

In addition to her experience in team building, development and training, Dianne's key skill is her ability to listen and provide an empathic environment where individuals are able to work on issues and strategies for the future.

Her passion is to see others grow in confidence and in their ability to achieve goals as they begin thinking creatively, gaining new skills and expanding their capabilities.

Brett Golding
Brett GoldingB.A. Accounting; FCA; CTA.

Brett has a passion to see people reach their full potential through the art of facilitation; whether as individuals or teams. When working with organisations, this may involve helping team members to identify integrated business and life purposes. He facilitates team members to advance to the next level in their leadership and team development.

Brett has an extensive business background of many years advising, as a Chartered Accountant, management in the business and not-for-profit sectors. His skill in relating with people from all walks of life is a key to his successful work with and for clients.

One of Brett’s gifts is his ability to see the big picture and to think outside the box, often times identifying the solution that is not obvious to other people, and then facilitating solutions and gaining high levels of ownership and accountability.

His business coaching skills have been significantly enhanced since becoming accredited by MBCI.

Chris Maddock
Chris Maddock (FIPA)

Chris brings a strong management background to MBCI (Australia) from his years of experience in government, multi-national and not-for-profit organisations. This experience combined with his accreditation as a Mentor Business Coach underlies his passion to assist individuals and organisations in reaching their full potential.

Chris’s background includes public accounting, management accounting for multi-national companies, and State Government economic development. More recently, Chris was the Business Manager of a leading not-for-profit Independent College where he managed the non-educational functions of the College, including an annual budget of $35 million. Additional experiences have included the setting up from inception of the administrative processes for a workplace rehabilitation service.

Chris is currently a Director of the Christian College Geelong Foundation and the Chairperson of One Care, an organization
which assists socially disadvantaged people. Chris has also been awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship for service provided to
Rotary International.

Sally Marks
Sally MarksB.Soc. Sci (Social Work) Hons; Grad. Dip. Secondary Education; Grad. Dip. Christian Education; Cert IV Training and Assessment.

Sally has worked for many years in Welfare and Education in Australia and overseas where she has been engaged in various leadership roles and positions of responsibility. Sally has been privileged to nurture and support many staff, students and parents in their journey of life.

Her background has required excellent written and oral communication skills which she brings to her role as an MBCI Facilitator.

Sally’s experience and passion for developing relationships with people and clients in order to support them through the different seasons of change in life or business are major assets as a mentor and team coach.

Wendy Maxwell
Wendy MaxwellBA Christian Counselling, Dip Mgt, Cert IV Assess & Workplace Training, Cert IV Business (Small Business Mgt)

Wendy has broad experience in office management in a variety of industries, including small business, manufacturing, government and training organisations. Wendy has also had experience with not-for-profit organisations in the area of media, publishing, public housing, counselling and pastoral care.

Her facilitation of large and small groups and diagnostic and problem solving skills are particular strengths. She also has a developed ability to facilitate 'big picture' thinking.

Wendy's passion is to see people succeed in developing a holistic lifestyle by identifying and overcoming obstacles that hinder from the past and present, and facilitating discovery of their heart's desire for the future.

Rob Moore
Rob MooreB.Sc.(Tech) Mech Eng; Grad. Dip. Mgt; Dip. Coy. Dirs; FRAeS

Rob’s senior management experience at Rolls-Royce aerospace over 23 years, combined with his engineering background, has developed strengths in strategic planning and management. Senior corporate assignments in Hong Kong and Japan for 7 years heightened Rob’s sensitivity to the realities of change before returning to take up the role of CEO Rolls-Royce Australia.

Rob had been a natural mentor/coach of employees before retiring in 2007 and joining in the MBCI Facilitative Leadership Development Program in 2008 to deepen and strengthen his art and practice of mentoring and coaching.

He has been a regular facilitator at the MBCI Facilitative Leadership Development workshops and has been mentoring/coaching individuals and businesses the MBCI way since 2008.

Rob’s passion is to bring transformational change in leaders, managers and businesses and is privileged to carry this out as CEO of MBCI (Australia).

Duncan Morris
Rob MooreBA(Soc), BSW, MHSM.

Duncan is a counsellor, mentor and business coach living in Geelong, Victoria. He has a varied employment history; working as a Minister of religion for a decade, a funeral chaplain and Director for 9 years, and as a social worker and manager for 11 years. Having worked in senior management with an NGO and the State Government, Duncan has insight into the many issues of working within bureaucracies and the management of people.

Duncan has a Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) and a Masters in Human Services Management from Deakin University. His many qualifications in conjunction with his professional and personal experience allow him to exercise his passion for working with people so they are able to fulfil their potential through his counselling, mentoring and coaching services.

Michael Peck

Michael Peck

is a trained mentor and business coach and specialises in strategic planning and leadership to individuals and organisations by mentoring of key personnel.

Michael has extensive business sector experience with over 30 years as Dealer Principal and Managing Director of a luxury vehicle dealership. As a mentoring manager, Michale ran a cohesive and robust organisation expanding from five staff to 75, with almost $50 million annual turnover.

A community-minded individual, Michael uses his business acumen to assist and serve others, currently eight years as Salvation Army Advisory Board member in Geelong and District, and 14 years as Board member of Christian College, Geelong.

Michael's passion is to assist people in fulfilling personal goals and ambitions through helping them discover and refine
their talents and giftings.

John Peberdy

John Peberdy

John spent over 35 years in the corporate sector, culminating in 11 years as a CEO of a financial services provider.

His passion since stepping down from his management role is to assist others to develop a clear purpose for their life and to develop strategies to enable them to cope with the challenges presented to them.

John's experience includes serving on a number of boards across business, community and not-for-profit sectors. He is also involved in a number of ministries as a member of various boards and committees.

Janet Schultz
Janet SchultzGrad Dip Arts Ent Mgt, Grad Dip Past Counselling, Grad Dip Mgt Psychology, Cert Bus Facilitation

Janet has delivered leadership development and mentoring programs for individuals, not-for-profit organisations, small and medium businesses for nearly twenty years. She was involved in the inception, development and implementation of many MBCI training products including the Facilitative Leadership Development Program and the Train the Business Coach Program.

Janet has worked with a broad range of organisations and communities, in Australia and overseas, developing and implementing strategic business and marketing plans and team building initiatives. She worked in the bush fire ravaged community of Marysville facilitating group visioning and has developed many feasibility and strategic plans for local and state governments. She is qualified in Management, Management Psychology, Business Facilitation, Training and Counselling.

Janet's passion is to see individuals and organisations empowered to reach their God-given potential through professional mentoring and team coaching.

Michael Schultz

Michael Shultz
is an experienced executive and board coach utilising his facilitation skills to bring about ownership and accountability.

He holds licenses to deliver the AusIndustry (Australian Government) World Competitive Services and World Competitive Manufacturing suite of programs.

His specialisations include leadership coaching, mentoring, strategic planning, and as a former chartered accountant is able to bring a focus on productivity and profitability.

Michael has successfully implemented transformational change in people and organisations focussed on empowerment and continuous improvement.

Michael's passion is to work alongside others to develop their God given potential.

Gary Swenson
Gary Swenson
is a gifted communicator whose passion for leadership development and training takes him nationally and internationally as a public and motivational speaker.

He has extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector serving on and leading various Boards. His initial training and experience was with government, but today includes both business and community sectors.

Gary's passion is to see people discover and unlock their potential; as such he is highly skilled and experienced in human relationships, particularly as a recognised mediator and life-skills coach.

As a strategist and futurist thinker, his coaching, mentoring and facilitating abilities enable him to assist individuals and teams to develop vision, culture, and workable strategies to achieve progressive outcomes.

Gabriela Thompson
Gabriela Thompson
(Grad Dip [Spec Edn], Grad Dip [Drama Edn], BA [Psych], Dip Teaching   Primary)

has extensive experience working in education and human relationships across a variety of educational settings and the wider community. Her skills include facilitative leadership, human resource planning and operations, managing organisational change, team building as well as organisational effectiveness.  She specializes in solution focussed strategies that enrich individual and team wellbeing, as well as enhance operational outcomes.

Gabriela carries a passion to bring fresh inspiration to clients, by empowering and equipping them to experience purposeful transformations.

Steve Thompson

Steve is a skilled Business Coach, Mentor and solution based Facilitator with further extensive experience in: Project and Program Management streams, Human Resources, Operations, Logistics, Customer Support, Contract Management, Maintenance Management as well as Work Health and Safety – having worked extensively in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Israel.

Steve has been an active member of the MBCI Executive for almost 15 years.

He has a passion to walk closely with leaders and individuals, helping maximise skills and abilities by facilitating the identification of solutions - thus alleviating stress in both personal lives and workplaces.


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